Nicole Hare-Everline

Assistant Director of Benefits @ City of Houston

Dr. Nicole Hare-Everline is a dynamic and creative organizational leader with doctoral-level training and human resource background and over 15 years of experience developing, implementing, and marketing benefits programs to multicultural populations.  

She is the Assistant Director of Benefits for the City of Houston. Her areas of responsibility include Benefits Operations and Strategy, Employee Assistance Program, and Employee Wellness Program.  This entails the oversight and implementation of benefits design and deployment with emphasis on health care and wellness, retirement plans and work/life balance, including the overall development of benefits policies, plans and principles.  Dr. Everline also serves as a member of the Human Resources Executive Team, that creates strategic direction of the organization with the Human Resources Director.  

Her recent accomplishments include designing and implementing employee wellness and employee assistance program that went from a $15 million deficit to a savings of over $43 million to sponsored employee health plan within three years.  She has presented at a variety of conferences and webinars, where she shares public health, benefits and employee wellness best practices. She also serves on numerous philanthropic boards and core teams, such as Cities Changing Diabetes; along with being an adjunct professor at the University of Texas School of Public Health.


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