Wellness as a Strategic Growth Driver

Employees are costly, likely your first or second largest cost. The cost to recruit and retain are sky rocketing. If you don’t look at your employees’ overall well-being, then you are missing out on huge opportunities to retain, engage and grow your customer base, plus grow your bottom line. Employees are looking at you for you – are you ready to meet their needs? We’ll discuss questions such as:

  • Have you really looked at your employees as a strategic asset vs. just a cost?
  • Have you peeked under the cover of what’s really brewing with your employees?
  • Do you prefer to offer standard insurance products, just to remain compliant, without asking your employees for their wants/needs?
  • Do you actually value your employees’ well-being?
  • Have you determined the actual cost of losing a talented employee?
  • Philip Romm | Chief of Strategic HR | Growth Solutions Team
  • Brea Giffen | Director Sales & Partnerships | Sprout Wellness Solutions