Manage Fairness for Better Health

Life isn’t fair. We know this from experience. But what happens when work isn’t fair? Organizational unfairness, or injustice, refers to a pattern of exposure to inequitable conditions that undermine employees’ dignity and self-respect. It runs the gamut from being unsupported by your supervisor… to being spoken to rudely… to being bullied… to being assaulted. Organizational unfairness is linked to heart disease along with a variety of other physical and mental health problems. In this session, we will cover:

  • Understanding the four categories of organizational injustice and its link to wellbeing
  • How different policies for different workers contribute to unfairness
  • Is the notion of fairness at work a product of a self-entitled workforce?
  • Strategies to prioritize wellness for everyone

Melissa Nelson | Director of Professional Development | Levenfeld Pearlstein